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Darkfield Condenser OBB-A1422 Kern

Darkfield Condenser OBB-A1422 Kern

PART NO: 6-OBB-A1422
Price: €250.00
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For Series OBF-1, OBL-1, OBD-1
Suitable For: OBD 127, OBD 128, OBF 121, OBF 122, OBF 123, OBF 131, OBF 132, OBF 133, OBL 125, OBL 127, OBL 135, OBL 137, OBL 145, OBL 155

Category: Microscopes / Refractometers - Accessories
Dimensions packaging (WxDxH): 80mm x 80mm x 70mm

Accessories for Light Microscopes Educational-Line OBE and Lab-Line OBF / OBL / OBD
Further eyepieces, phase contrast units and filters available on request. Complete fluorescence units for OBL series available on request.

Product Specification:
Description: Darkfield Condensor: 4x-40x
For: OBF / OBL / OBD

Catalogue Number6.285 901
Manufacturer P/nOBB-A1422
DescriptionDarkfield Condensor: 4x-40x
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