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Achromatic Objective OBB-A1441 Kern

Achromatic Objective OBB-A1441 Kern

PART NO: 6-OBB-A1441
Price: €205.00
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Plan 100.0/1.00
W.D. 0.18mm
For water immersion
Suitable For: OBS 101, OBS 104, OBS 106, OBE 101, OBE 102, OBE 103, OBE 104, OBE 107, OBE 108, OBE 109, OBE 110, OBE 111, OBE 112, OBE 113, OBE 114,

Category: Microscopes / Refractometers - Accessories
Dimensions packaging (WxDxH): 65mm x 40mm x 40mm

Accessories for Light Microscopes Educational-Line OBE and Lab-Line OBF / OBL / OBD
Further eyepieces, phase contrast units and filters available on request. Complete fluorescence units for OBL series available on request.

Product Specification:
Description: Objective: Plan 100x/1.0 (water/spring loaded) W.D. 0.18 mm
For: OBE / OBF

Catalogue Number6.285 900
Manufacturer P/nOBB-A1441
DescriptionObjective: Plan 100x/1.0 (water/spring loaded) W.D. 0.18 mm
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