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HT-Hydrotechnik Data Logger LTC 575 V575-LTC

HT-Hydrotechnik Data Logger LTC 575 V575-LTC


The Datalogger Type 575-LTC is a compact instrument for measuring and recording water level, temperature and electrical conductivity.

The conductivity can also be used to derive the salinity (optional).

In addtion to the well-proven reference pressure cell, a high-precision and insensitive conductivity sensor is used which delivers precise measured values, and guarantees long-term stability.

A recalibration of the conductivity sensor is usually needed only after many years of use - If required at all.

Also provided with a large non-volatile memory for min. 253,000 records. This makes the device ideal for pumping tests or tracer measurements. The integrated battery has a lifetime of at least 10 years of operation with 3 million measurements before replacing it at the factory. This is the only datalogger on the market with this feature.

Main Features:

- Maintenance free - no desiccant / dry cartridges required

- Compact design with Ø 22mm for installation in pipes from 1-inch

- High-precise and long-term stable 4-pole conductivity sensor

- Conductivity sensor stable over years, no re-calibration necessary

- Check measurements by a Water Level Meter are possible without conversion or removal from 2-inch wells

- Power supply for 10 years operation and 3,000,000 measurements

- Made of high class stainless steel, for high corrosion protection



- Measurement and monitoring of saltwater intrusion
- Measure and record water level, temperature and conductivity during pumping tests
- Well monitoring
- Level and quality measurement of surface waters
- Tracer measurements
- For remediation of contaminated sites
- Monitoring of landfills

Technical Specifications

Water Level Measuring Range: Selectable up to max. 300m water column

Resolution: Standard: 1 cm / Option: 1 mm

Accuracy: < 0.05% of selected measuring range

Temperature Measuring Range: -5°C to +50 °C / Option: -5°C to +70°C

Accuracy: < 0.1°C

Conductivity Measuring Range: 0 ... 200,000 µS/cm

Accuracy: < 0.5 % of current value, min. 2 µS/cm;

Salinity / TDS: in ppm / calculation from conductivity values

Device Data Memory: Flash memory 4MB, non-volatile, for min. 253,000 records

Measuring interval: Adjustable: 1 minute to 99 days / Optional: from 1 second, up to 10 intervals preselectable

Length of Cable: Individually selectable up to max. 500 m

User Interface: RS 232; can be addressed via serial and USB interface

Dimensions Probe: Ø22mm x 315mm

Dimensions Converter Unit: Ø24mm x 140mm

Operating Temperature: -30°C to +70°C / probe in ice-free area

File Format: User selectable; ASCII; Excel; ZRXP; MIS; Labdüs and many more.

Manufacturer P/nV575-LTC
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