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MAM-PF2 Powder 5L Bioconcept 10-02P24-L

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MAM-PF2 Powder 5L Bioconcept 10-02P24-L
MAM-PF2 Powder 5L Bioconcept 10-02P24-L
PART NO. BC-10-02P24-L
Ships in approx.1 weeks

BioConcept Ltd.’s MAM-PF (Mammalian Artificial Media – Protein Free) line of media are tailor made to satisfy the needs of researchers and producers. These media for the cultivation of CHO and BHK cells are fully defined with serum-free, protein-free and ACF (Animal Component Free) versions. ACF media are produced according to EMEA/410/01 all components are certified animal component free.

This is MAM-PF2 Powder (Animal component free) 5L without l-Gln and Phenolred.

The intended use: Batch cultivation to achieve up to 107 cells/ml, production medium.

Ships at room temperature and the ideal storage temperature is 2 to 8 degrees celsius.

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