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Buffer Standard pH 5.00 at 20oC ISO 17034 Certified Reference Material 1L Reagecon CRM1050

Buffer Standard pH 5.00 at 20oC ISO 17034 Certified Reference Material 1L Reagecon CRM1050

Price: €48.90

Reagecon Buffer Standard pH 5.00 at 20°C ISO 17034 Certified Reference Material
Pack Size: 1L
Type: ISO 17034; 20°C Clear
Packaging: HDPE Bottle

Reagecon's Buffer Standard pH 5.00 at 20°C Certified Reference Material (CRM) is produced under their ISO 17034 (A2LA Ref: 6739.01) Accreditation and is NIST traceable.
  • Traceability: Directly traceable to the IUPAC pH scale by an unbroken chain of traceability. Reagecon achieve this traceability through a series of comparisons with the key reference materials being Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) manufactured by NIST. Reagecon’s pH Buffer Standards meet the ISO definition of metrological traceability “The ability to relate measurements back to a stated reference (usually an international standard) through an unbroken chain of comparisons each having stated uncertainties of measurement.” Reagecon’s traceability claims are independently verified through our accreditation to ISO 17034 and ISO 17025.
  • ISO 17034 accreditation requirements include raw material characterisation; homogeneity and stability studies; assignment of certified values as well as packaging and documentation control.
  • Stability and Shelf Life: Manufactured to exacting specifications with an extended shelf life and stability; even after opening the bottle thereby eliminating the requirement to open a fresh bottle of Standard every time it is used.
  • Temperature Dependency & Expiry: Temperature dependence data is available via the product label as are lot numbers and expiry dates for user convenience.
  • Calibration Buffers: Reagecon pH Buffers are pre-programmed into the instruments of most major manufacturers.
  • Control Buffers: For increased confidence in their test measurements; analysts should regularly measure the pH of a Control Standard. If an acceptable value is obtained from the Control Standard measurement then the analysts can have improved confidence that their test measurements will be correct. Reagecon’s extensive range of pH Buffers means that there will be a Reagecon pH Buffer which can be used as a Control Buffer for all pH applications.
  • Why Use Traceable pH Buffers: Your pH measurements can only be as good as the pH Buffers that you use. If your pH calibration is made using traceable pH Buffers then you have a direct link to the International pH scale for your measurements. Without this link you are not entitled to report your measurements in pH units so the number displayed on your pH meter is just that - a number and is not a pH value. Traceable analysis is necessary for consistency and universal acceptance of your pH results - including acceptance by regulatory bodies.
ManufacturerReagecon Diagnostics
Manufacturer P/nCRM1050
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