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SenTix 41 pH Probe Xylem WTW 103635

SenTix 41 pH Probe Xylem WTW 103635

PART NO: X-103635
Price: €241.00
Qty In Stock: 90

Epoxy pH combination electrode with gel electrolyte, integrated temperature sensor, waterproof DIN plug and banana plug, 3.3 ft (1 m) cable

Application recommended by WTW:
Aquarium water, Electroplating wastewater, Soil extract, Swimming pool water, Wastewater.

pH combination electrodes, gel electrolyte, SenTix®, refillable
Basic pH combination electrodes, with plastic body, gel reference system. SenTix® 20 with plug head (AS/DIN or AS/BNC cable combination please order separately).
Temperature range: 0 to 80°C
pH range: 0 to 14pH
Length: / diam.: 120mm / 12mm
Electrolyte: Gel
Diaphragm: Fibre
Membrane shape: Cylindical
Membrane resistance at 25°C: 1 GW
Refill hole cover: Slide

Product Specification:
Product Type: SenTix® 41
Temperature sensor: NTC 30 kW
Connector: DIN, waterproof
Cable: 1m

Technical Data for the SenTix range:

SenTix® 20/21/41/42:- pH Range: 0 - 14 pH, Temperature: 0 – 80°C
SenTix® 51/52:- pH Range: 0 - 14 pH, Temperature: 0 - 80°C
SenTix® 60/61/62:- pH Range: 0 - 14 pH, Temperature: 0 - 100°C
SenTix® 81/82:- pH Range: 0 - 14 pH, Temperature: 0 - 100°C
SenTix® 91/92:- pH Range: 0 - 14 pH, Temperature: 0 - 100°C

Application recommended by WTW:

  • Aquarium water
  • Electroplating wastewater
  • Soil extract
  • Swimming pool water
  • Wastewater

Also suitable for:

  • Drinking water
  • Groundwater
  • Mineral water
  • Salt solutions
  • Surface water
  • Tap water
  • Vegetable juice
  • Yogurt

WTW pH electrodes are the most frequently used sensors in chemical labs. WTW offers these for all applications and special cases

pH electrodes with gel electrolyte are ideal for portable measurement but are also very well suited for routine measurement in the lab. The electrodes are available with and without a built-in temperature sensor. We especially recommend these pH electrodes for all applications, where reliable measured values are needed even under the most adverse conditions.

The electrodes do not require any maintenance besides occasional cleaning and are therefore especially economical.

For demanding measurements in the lab, there are SenTix® electrodes with 3 mol/l KCl liquid electrolyte, easy to-clean glass shaft and platinum diaphragm. These electrodes can also be used in difficult samples. And if you need an electrode with liquid electrolyte for portable measuring: The SenTix® 51/52 with plastic shaft, integrated temperature sensor and ceramic diaphragm masters nearly every measuring task, even in the field.

Catalogue Number9.040 876
Manufacturer P/n103635
Cable m1
Temperature sensorNTC 30 kW
TypeSenTix® 41
ConnectorDIN, waterproof

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