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Xylem - WTW SenTix HW 103650

Xylem - WTW SenTix HW 103650

PART NO: X-103650
Price: €296.00
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Precision pH combination electrode with ground diaphragm for low-ionic media and S7 plug head, length 165 mm, without cable

Application recommended by WTW:
Boiler feedwater, Coffee extract, Condensate, Cosmetics, Demineralized water, Dispersion colors, Distilled water, Extracts, Fixing baths, Milk, Oil/water emulsions, Paint, water-soluble, Protein-containing liquids, Rainwater, Seawater, Shampoo, Sulfide-containing liquids, Suspensions, Tris buffer solutions, Wine.

Also suitable for:
Acids, Beverages, Developer, Drinking water, Electroplating baths, Electroplating wastewater, Fruit juice, Groundwater, Detergents , Juice, Soft drinks, Mineral water, Non-aqueous liquids, Salt solutions, Surface water, Tapwater, Vegetable juice.

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