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WTW CR 4200 1P23-1

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WTW CR 4200 1P23-1
PART NO. X-1P23-3
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Thermoreactor for COD and thermal digestions 2 x 12 reaction cuvettes, 8 own/7 fixed programs, selectable temperature, optional accessories: external sensor TFK CR (250 100)

Thermoreactor CR 2200 / CR 4200
CR 2200:
-routine unit for waste water analysis
-Stored programs for all important digestions
-thermoblock with 12 holes for 16mm o.d. reaction tubes
-temperatures: 100°C, 120°C, 148°C and 150°C
-8 fixed heating programmes: 148°C and 2 hours, 148°C and 20 minutes, 120°C and 30 minutes, 120°C and 60 minutes, 150°C and 120 minutes, 120°C and 120 minutes, 100°C and 60 minutes, 30 minutes
-Automatic temperature switch-off after end of set programs

CR 4200:
-Professional unit for waste water analysis
-2 thermoblocks with 12 holes each for 16mm o.d. reaction tubes,
-8 fixed heating programs (as CR2200) and 8 user-defined programs (from room temperature (25°C) to 170°C and 0 to 180 minutes)
-High Temperature Capability
-2 different programs and and temperates can be used simultaneously (CR 4200 only)
-Automatic temperature switch-off after end of set programs
-Optional: External temperature probe TFK CR

Product Specification:
Product Type: CR 4200

Manufacturer P/n1P23-1
TypeCR 4200
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Thermoreactor CR 2200/CR 4200

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