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Xylem - WTW pHotoFlex Turb Colourimeter 251110

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Xylem - WTW pHotoFlex Turb Colourimeter 251110
Xylem - WTW pHotoFlex Turb Colourimeter 251110
PART NO. X-251110
Ships in approx.4 weeks
List Price: €2,508.00

LED filter photometer with integrated turbidity measurement and pH functions for field use with optional Lab support via LabStation, single instrument with calibration standard kit (0.02 - 10 - 1000 NTU); optional: rech. batt. (251 300) and LabStation (251 301), pH electrodes see catalog

Handheld photometers pHotoFlex® series, with / without pH and turbidity measurement
Handheld photometers for use in a wide range of areas such as process control, mobile water testing or wine industry. Easy operation with menu driven, user guidance.
-Smart cuvette adapter: holds 28mm or 16mm round cuvettes with height 91 to 104mm; to be used with a variety of different test types
-Optics: LED's with filters, accuracy < 2nm, 436nm, 517nm, 557nm, 594nm, 610nm, 690nm
-Concentration, Absorption, Transmission
-Methods can be downloaded from the Internet
-35 (pHotoFlex®) 100 user defined routines
-100 (pHotoFlex® STD) / 1000 data sets, RS 232 interface
-pH range: pH 0 to 16.00 (±0.01) for DIN standard combination electrodes
-incl. calibration interval and calibration protocol
-Batteries: 4 button cells
Optional: LabStation with rechargeable batttery and power plug, GLP-compliant software LSdata for simplified laboratory evaluation and operation, charging function; accu and power supply separately. LSdata is also available as stand-alone package.

pHotoFlex® (R) STD
Water Analysis purely without pH- and turbidity measurement for standard parameters

pHotoFlex® pH
Just like the standard version of pHotoFlex STD plus full electrochemical pH-and ORP measurement via electrodes. This allows also the measurement of the parameters NH3 and CO2.
-pH 0 ... 16,00 (±0.01) for Standard-DIN pH-electrodes with automatic temperature compensation ATC and automatic buffer recognition
-Calibration intervall setting and calibration record

pHotoFlex® Turb:
Generally as pHotoFlex® (R) STD, with additional turbidity measurement:
-IR light source acc. DIN 27027 /ISO 7027
-Measuring range: 0 to 1100 NTU/FNU
-Resolution: 0 to 9.99 NTU: 0.01; 10 to 99 NTU: 0.1; 100 to 1100 NTU: 1NTU
-Accuracy: 0.01 NTU or 2% of measured value
-3 point calibration
-Standard set with traceable AMCO® Standards (0.02 - 10 - 1000 NTU)

Complete pHotoFlex® Sets:
The mobile laboratory: smart with integrated lab table to hold instrument, cuvettes, beaker and stand for pH electrode. Complete sets with:
-pH electrode SenTix 41 with technical buffers
-1 adjustable pipette with 5ml volume for pHotoFlex® models
-Calibration standard kit for pHotoFlex® Turb and Turb® 40 IR/T

pHotoFlex® pH Set:
Field case with pHotoFlex®, table insert, pH electrode Sentix® 41 and stand, TEC buffer, 5ml variable pipette, and accessories, PC cable and LSdata software.

pHotoFlex® Turb Set:
Field case with pHotoFlex® Turb, table insert, pH electrode Sentix® 41 and stand, TEC buffer, 5ml variable pipette, and accessories, PC cable and LSdata software.

Product Specification:
Product Type: pHotoFlex® Turb

ManufacturerXylem - WTW
Manufacturer P/n251110
TypepHotoFlex® Turb
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