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Turb 750 IR Turbidity Meter WTW 600120

Turb 750 IR Turbidity Meter WTW 600120

PART NO: X-600120
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The Turb® 750 IR lab turbidity meter has an infrared LED and is in accordance to DIN EN ISO 7027-1. The turbidity meter is a single instrument with calibration standards set (0.02 – 10.0 – 1000 FNU/NTU) with a universal power supply. It includes six empty vials and the PC software known as Turb Data. The turbidity meter will assist the user with sophisticated optics, eliminating uncertainty by means of a light trap and using the IRPC procedure. The turbidity measurements conform with standards in drinking water, lab and industrial applications.

This water turbidity meter measures nephelometrically according to US EPA 180.1 up to 1100 NTU/FNU with AQA support and PC documentation:

  • Well proven WTW optics with fast data output
  • Multiple measurement and data evaluation using Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check
  • Bench-saving with comprehensive functionality
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio

The turbidity measurement is supported by:

  • Function keys
  • Comfortable menu-guided 3-point standard calibration
  • Flexible calibration
  • QuickCAL: 1-point-calibration at 10 NTU
  • AQA, calibration interval and records  
  • Highly precise measurement of between 0-1100 FNU/NTU

Reliable Results with AQA:

  • Easy-to-clean
  • AQA Support with interval, tolerance and protocol
  • Direct access to essential functions
  • AQA flag in the data sets
  • Storage with sample ID
  • Calibration interval and calibration protocol
  • Data filter for data output
  • GLP compliant data management

Data management with Turb® Data:

The measured values are stored as datasets with associated calibration protocol, sample ID and AQA information. The output for the data can be easily done using a printer or hyperterminal by pressing the print key or with the supplied PC software known as Turb® Data:

  • GLP compliant data transfer
  • Instrument recognition via serial number
  • User name input
  • Output in CSV format
  • Data export to Excel
  • Data import into LIMS


Whether it's about pure water or reliable product quality, turbidity is often an ideal parameter to use in many applications such:

  • Drinking Water
  • Food Cleaning Processes
  • Fuel
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Aquaculture
  • Juice Quality


  • Light source: LED  830-890 nm acc. to DIN EN ISO 7027-1
  • acc. to standard methods: DIN EN ISO 7027-1, DIN 38404
  • Modes: Nephelometric (scattering 90°)
  • Display: Backlit graphics display 160x104
  • Keypad: Foil keypad with tactile feedback alphanumeric entry option
  • Range: 0-1100 FNU/NTU
  • Units: FNU/NTU
  • Resolution (Measurement resolution max. 0,02 NTU due to natural scattering of water; digital resolution >0,02 if optional): 0,01 for 0,00 -9,99, 0,1 for 10 – 99,90, 1 for 100 - 1100
  • Accuracy NTU/FNU: 0.01 NTU/FNU or +/- 2% of finding
  • Repeatability: < 0.5% of finding
  • Reading modes: Findings with Intelligent Reproducibility and Plausibility Check (IRPC),
  • rapid settlement samples supported by quick response time and IRPC
  • Response time: 4 sec
  • Calibration – options: Automatic 3-P Kal, (Default), 2-5 P user calibration, QUICKCal
  • Calibration protocol and interval setting: Yes/yes
  • AQS-Support: Calibration protocol and interval setting, AQA flag, Cal flag
  • Data storage: 2500 data sets with Cal protocol, AQA flag, GLP compliant data management with LIMS-connection
  • Sample Identification: yes - alphanumeric
  • Air Purge: No
  • Firmware-Update: Yes via USB
  • Interface: RS 232, USB, Printer via PC or RS232
  • Storage condition instrument: - 25 °C ... + 65 °C (13-149 °F)
  • Operating Temperature Range: +5 °C ... +55 °C (41-131 °F)
  • With power plug connected: +5 °C ... +40 °C  (41-104 °F)
  • Data management GLP-compliant incl. PC software: USB, RS232 Turb® Data
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): ca. 290 x 190 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Calibration Standards: Long-term stable Cal.Kits for standard 3-P calibration; 0,02-10-1000; FNU/NTU; Polymer AMCO® Clear standards: long-term stability, highly precise, optimized to optics, production accuracy ± 1%,  non-hazardous
  • Vials, Sample Volume: Vials 28 mm diameter, volume min. 15 ml; Borosilicate, cap: phenolic resin, PTFE coated sealing gasket.; NO SILICON OIL to cover scratches required for measurement procedure!
  • Sample conditions: Sample temperature < 70°C (158°F)
  • Power supply: Wide range power supply with plugs for Euro, US, UK and Australia
  • Certificates: CE
  • Delivery: Lab turbidimeter Turb® 750 IR; 4 batteries 1,5 V Typ AA; Wide range power supply; cable USB-A to USB-B mini; 6 empty vials, sticker for orientation marking; Cal.Kit Turb® 430/750 IR; Cloth, quick guide, compact operation manual, CDROM with extended manual, CDROM with PC software Turb® Data; Inspection protocol
Catalogue Number6.315 066
Manufacturer P/n600120
TypeTurb® 750 IR
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