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Multipurpose Environ Monitoring Buoy

Multipurpose Environ Monitoring Buoy


Multipurpose Environmental Monitoring Buoy

Designed for quick deployment, the EMM150’s light weight and compact size provides a secure monitoring solution to collect data in waters that were previously out of reach. The system can be lifted into place by two people, and installed without divers—reducing deployment and maintenance costs and allowing for complete serviceability from a small boat or watercraft.

The EMM150 supports various sensors to fit your site monitoring needs, such as a YSI EXO2 Sonde positioned inside the sonde tube. Multiple data delivery systems are also available to collect real-time data from any YSI sonde.

Discover the advantages of remote data delivery with the EMM150 and EXO2:
Monitor in Real-Time:- User-defined alerts improve response time and notify of changing conditions as they occur.
Reduce Consumables:- Match calibration and maintenance schedules to actual sensor performance.
Save Costs:- Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary trips into the field.
Deliver Data:- Send data to a base station computer via cellular or radio; while the web-enabled option posts data directly to a public or private web site.

Beacon: Flashing amber, SolaMAX-65
Data Management:

Pair with the YSI Storm 3 Data Logger, and easily configure and collect data using the browser-based graphical user interface with all standard web browsers on PCs, tablets and smart phones. Please visit for more on the Storm 3 Data Logger
EMM150 is also compatible with select 3rd party data loggers.  Contact YSI Integrated Systems and Services for more information.

Mooring Attachment: Single, two or three point (sold separately)
Power: Standard 12V/18Ah lead acid battery

The EXO family of environmental monitoring sondes offers a variety of Smart Sensors including: temperature, fDOM, conductivity, salinity, blue-green algae (PC & PE), chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, ORP, pH, rhodamine, turbidity, and depth. Please visit for more on the EXO family of sondes. The EMM150 Monitoring Buoy can also support YSI 6-series sondes and integrate with 3rd party sensors. Contact YSI Integrated Systems and Services for compatibility.


One copy for base station, or web portal; priced separately

Sonde Tube: Single or dual sub-water tubes for instrument deployment

Cellular (CDMA/GSM/GPRS) or point-to-point spread spectrum radios

Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs) max
Manufacturer P/nEMM150
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