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Burkle Barrel Pump AccuOne 5900-1050

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Burkle Barrel Pump AccuOne 5900-1050
Burkle Barrel Pump AccuOne 5900-1050
PART NO. 4AJ-9001420
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With rechargeable accu and charger

Rigid discharge tube (Immersion pipe 50 cm)

Barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne
Bürkle barrel pumps AccuOne and EnergyOne with the unique hybrid system ensure fast, flexible and convenient filling, whenever and wherever you want. The pumps are equipped with two different power supply systems:
AccuOne, driven by a high-performance rechargeable battery or EnergyOne, with a power cable for direct connection to mains electricity. Innovative new feature: The power supply units are interchangeable! The rechargeable battery or the power supply unit are fitted with a clip lock and are removable. They can be exchanged quickly and easily. Thus AccuOne can also be operated with the power supply cable unit and EnergyOne can be operated with the rechargeable battery. With a replacement rechargeable battery as an accessory, you never have to wait for charging. The drive can also be disconnected quickly and easily from the pump station with a clip lock. This makes it possible to use one drive for filling at several stationary pump stations. AccuOne and EnergyOne are designed for applications in which even very small amounts of liquid can be added to small containers with narrow openings. The TouchPanel is sealed against dust, dirt and water. By a foil Keyboard it can be used to regulate the flow rate continuously and precisely from 0.4l/min to 12 l/min. In addition to the discharge tube, a flexible discharge hose (1.2m) with nozzle (PVC, PP, V2A, FKM) is available as an option. The light and powerful pumps are made of high-quality materials, PP, PVDF and Hastelloy C, to ensure outstanding chemical resistance. This also makes them suitable for dispensing acids and bases. Please make note of detailed information related to chemical resistance!
Maximum pumping capacity 12l/min.
Weight 750g
Discharge connection 3/4inch
Rechargeable battery capacity
Battery type
Electrical charge up to 600l
Parts in contact with media:
Pump station
Hastelloy C
Maximum pumping capacity 12l/min.
Weight 580g
Discharge connection 3/4inch
Power supply via 230 V power supply unit,
international plug adapter included with delivery.
Parts in contact with media:
Pump station
Hastelloy C

Product Specification:
Product Description: AccuOne with rechargeable battery, rigid discharge tube and charger, immersion pipe length 500mm

Manufacturer P/n5900-1050
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