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Acura Manual 835 Macro Pipette 835.02PP Socorex

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Acura Manual 835 Macro Pipette 835.02PP Socorex
Acura Manual 835 Macro Pipette 835.02PP Socorex
PART NO. 4AJ-6259412
List Price: €253.00

0.2-2ml manual adjustable with adapter for pasteur pipettes

Single channel microliter pipettes Acura® manual 825 / 835, variable
Available with fixed or adjustable volume. The latest Acura® manual pipette line was built with the same attention to detail that made the brand famous over several instrument generations. Introducing a smooth, modern design with easy volume reading. It also features a number of innovations enabling safe and easy, high performance pipetting.
-Effortless activation
-Smart and reliable volume adjustment
-Precision: digital display visible at all times
-Justip™ adjustable tip ejector fitting most tips
-Swift-set user calibration system
-Shock, UV-light and autoclaving resistance
-CE certified
-Three-year warranty

Product Specification:
Type: 835 Pasteur
Capacity: 200 - 2000 µl
Increments: 0.002 µl
Accuracy: max. vol. 0.5 (± R%)
Precision: max. vol. 0.2 (≤ CV%)

Manufacturer P/n835.02PP
Type835 Pasteur
Accuracy max. vol. (± R%)0.5
Increments µl0.002
Capacity µl200 - 2000
Precision max. vol. (£ CV%)0.2
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