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Easyflame Cv 360 Adapter 3359502 Schuett-Biotec

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Easyflame Cv 360 Adapter 3359502 Schuett-Biotec
Easyflame Cv 360 Adapter 3359502 Schuett-Biotec
PART NO. 4AJ-6260874
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List Price: €92.00

for 9.018 794

Flame sterilizer schuett easyflame
Mobile device for scarfing and flame-sterilising.
With piezoelectric-ignition and gas supply control. Infinite adjustment of the flame. Highest operational safety. In short-term use, the flame is activated as long as the push button is pressed. For continuous operation with lock key.

schuett easyflame to use with propane/butane gas
1. Suitable with gas cartridges with 7/16' connection thread, e.g. CG 1750, Express 444, AT 2000.
2. Adapters for CV 360 or CP 250 gas cartridges optional.

schuett easyflameplus for connecting natural gas and propane / butane gas with gas safety hoses
1. Natural gas hose for central gas supply for easy plugging the device (hose barb included)
2. Propane / butane gas hose with fitting (1/4inch -left-hand thread) for the use of gas cartridge adapters or gas cylinders with pressure reducer. Matching adapters C 206 and CV 300/470 (already equipped with gas safety hose, 0.5m and reducer). Gas safety tubing in other lengths on request.
Dimensions (W x D x H): 260 x 90 x 60mm
Weight: approx. 350g

Product Specification:
Product Type: Adapter CV 360 (only for 9.018 794)

Manufacturer P/n3359502
TypeAdapter CV 360 (only for 9.018 794), for butane gas cartridges CV 360
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