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Externally-Threaded Universal 374500 Thermo

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Externally-Threaded Universal 374500 Thermo
Externally-Threaded Universal 374500 Thermo
PART NO. 4AJ-6261234
List Price: €56.57

tubes 1.8 ml rack of 48

Universal Tubes Nunc™ with external thread and 2D barcode
Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Externally-Threaded Universal Tubes offer a robust solution for solid or liquid sample storage. They feature 2D barcodes, graduations and a white patch for labeling. Additionally, the 5 ml tubes provide a wide mouth design for easy addition and extraction of solid sample material like tissue and their overall tube height of less than 50mm and U-bottom shape allows convenient access with standard length pipette tips when used for liquid storage. The externally-threaded design minimizes contamination risk in manual handling procedures. The tubes and rack are rated for storage down to vapor phase liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Innovative Universal Cap Design
-Single-piece construction with molded-in gasket
-Cannot be over-tightened manually or with automated capping tools
-Thermoplastic elastomer gasket material is compatible with storage at room temperature down to vapor phase of liquid nitrogen

Secure Tracking
-Permanently-bonded, unique 2D barcode laser-etched onto the base of tube to securely identify and track samples
-Thermo Scientific 2D barcode reader instantly decodes each tubes barcode, transferring tube information into your application or database
-Tubes include white writable space for sample information in addition to, or instead of using 2D barcodes

Stringent Quality Control
-2D barcodes are scanned for readability and checked against a full database of of previous barcodes to ensure no duplicates across the Cryobank storage tube product line.
-Leak testing validation performed during the manufacturing process to ensure sample integrity is maintained
-Every tube has a Sterility Assurance Level of 106 and is made with class VI medical grade resins

Product Specification:
Capacity: 1.8ml
Description: sterile
Bottom shape: round
Package contents: 10 racks of 480

Manufacturer P/n374500
Package contentsRacks of 48
Volume ml1.8
Bottom shapeRound
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