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Electronicqal Pipette Picus 735111 Sartorius

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Electronicqal Pipette Picus 735111 Sartorius
Electronicqal Pipette Picus 735111 Sartorius
PART NO. 4AJ-6261421
List Price: €673.00

Electronic single channel pipette Picus® / Picus® NxT
Picus® / Picus® NxT are compact and lightweight pipettes. Fully electronic operation assures high accuracy and precision of results. Picus® NxT provides distinct advantages for highly regulated laboratories.
Fully electronic liquid handling in the volume range of 0.2 µl to 10 ml.
-Highest level of ergonomics provided by low weight, light electronic tip ejection and comfortable handle design
-Extensive range of pipetting modes reduces the needed pipetting steps and speeds up work
-Electronic brake and piston control system provide outstanding accuracy and repeatability of pipetting results, independent of the user
-Intuitive user interface in four language options: English, French, German, Russian
-Adjustment wheel offers fast volume setting and menu navigation
-Optiload enables perfect tip sealing for accurate delivery from each channel
-Safe-Cone Filters prevent the risk of contamination cost-effectively
-Microwell plate tracker guides the user to pipette into the correct wells
-Calibration adjustment in 1, 2 or 3 points

Picus® NxT
-Certificate of accredited 3-point calibration (per ISO 17025 and ISO 8655)
-User programmable pipetting protocols enable the storage of three frequently needed pipetting workflows
-2-level password protection for stored programs to prevent unauthorized changes (optional)
-Pipette locking, e.g. in case of contamination, increases lab safety by disabling the pipette from use.
-Service and calibration reminders help the users to remember important service dates.
-Repeated blow-out helps to dispense the last droplets of e.g. viscous liquids

Product Specification:
Type: Picus®
Capacity: 500-10000 µl
Increments: 10.00 µl
Accuracy max. vol.: 0.60 (± R%)
Precision max. vol.: 0.20 (≤ CV%)
Optifit: Tips 10000 µl

Manufacturer P/n735111
Accuracy max. vol. (± R%)0.60
Increments µl10.00
Optifit Tips µl10000
Capacity µl500-10000
Precision max. vol. (£ CV%)0.20
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