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Bulb Pipette 2ml 1 Mark 30603 Brand

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Bulb Pipette 2ml 1 Mark 30603 Brand
Bulb Pipette 2ml 1 Mark 30603 Brand
PART NO. 4AJ-6262521
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USP BLAUBRAND® cl.AS conform. cert. blue grad. AR-Glas® incl. USP batch certificate

Volumetric pipettes, USP, class AS, Soda-lime glass, blue graduation
BLAUBRAND®, DE-M marking. DIN EN ISO 648. Calibrated to deliver (TD, EX). Marks and inscriptions in high contrast blue enamel. Incl. one USP batch certificate. On request, also available with USP individual certificate or DAkkS certificate.
The batch certificate or individual certificate is also available to download from the manufacturer's website.

Product Specification:
Volume: 2ml
Tolerance: 0.006 ±ml
Overall length: 330 ± 10mm

Manufacturer P/n30603
Overall length ± 10 mm330
Volume ml2
Tolerance ± ml0.006
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