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Whirl-Pak Filter Bags 190 x 300mm B01318WA Nasco

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Whirl-Pak Filter Bags 190 x 300mm B01318WA Nasco
Whirl-Pak Filter Bags 190 x 300mm B01318WA Nasco
PART NO. 4AJ-6263368
List Price: €253.49

w.writing field PE sterile w. filter filling volume 1627 ml pack of 250

Whirl-Pak® Filter bags, PE, sterile
All the bags use the same filter material. These special bags contain a third layer of finely perforated polyethylene, which filters out the solids in the sample when used in a homogeniser blender. This allows for easy pipetting of the sample. The hole diameter in the filter layer measures 0.33mm and there are 285 holes per square cm. The filter is sealed into the perimeter of the bag on the sides and bottom, allowing the sample to be placed in the bag on either side. The liquid will transfer through the filter, but the solids stay on one side.

Product Specification:
Filling volume approx: 1627ml
Thickness: 0.102mm
Dimensions (D x W): 190x300mm
Description: with label

Manufacturer P/nB01318WA
Descriptionwith tape and wire
Dimensions (D x W) mm190 x 300
Nominal capacity ml1627
Thickness mm0,102
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