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Acura Capillar 846 Microe Pipette 846.100 Socorex

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Acura Capillar 846 Microe Pipette 846.100 Socorex
Acura Capillar 846 Microe Pipette 846.100 Socorex
PART NO. 4AJ-6263914
List Price: €259.00

60 - 100ul not autoclavable

Positive displacement micropipettes Acura® capillary 846
High performance positive displacement micropipettes with interchangeable glass capillary tube and ETFE tipped plunger.
The soft shaped handle and smooth plunger activation provides for enhanced hand comfort while handling viscous liquids, foaming solutions or volatile solvents.

Five models cover a range from 1 to 200 µL.
-Slim body shape, comfortable finger rest
-Smooth plunger activation
-Reliable, step-wise volume adjustment
-Colour codes matching on pipettes, plungers and capillaries
-Stainless steel, ETFE tipped plunger
-Three-year warranty

Product Specification:
Capacity: 60 - 100 µl
Increments: 10 µl
Accuracy max. vol.: 0.7 (≤ ± R%)
Precision max. vol.: 0.3 (≤ CV%)
Cap material: ETFE

Manufacturer P/n846.100
Cap materialETFE
Accuracy max. vol. (± R%)0.7
Increments µl10
Capacity µl60 - 100
Precision max. vol. (£ CV%)0.3
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