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Centrifuge Universal 03.3112-36 Gerber

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Centrifuge Universal 03.3112-36 Gerber
Centrifuge Universal 03.3112-36 Gerber
PART NO. 4AJ-6264745

With heating
36-place rotor
230 V
50/60 Hz

Universal Gerber Centrifuge
Multi-purpose centrifuge for the dairy laboratory.
3 pre-programmed speeds for:
-Gerber butyrometers (350 x g)
-Solubility index in milk powder (164 x g)
-Extraction tubes Roese-Gottlieb / Mojonnier (80 x g)
1 variable speed (200 to 1300rpm) available on request
Microprocessor controller with LCD display for speed, duration, temperature and errors.
Automatic brake, lid lock and imbalance switch-off.
Temperature thermostatically controlled. Steel housing (W x D x H): 640 x 640 x 450mm. Power supply: 230VAC, 50/60Hz

Product Specification:
Product Description: Centrifuge with heating (temperature control to 65°C) and special rotor incl. 36 sleeves

Manufacturer P/n03.3112-36
DescriptionCentrifuge with heating and special rotor incl. 36 sleeves
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