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Ph-Electrode Blueline 14 pH Ids 285129140 SI Analytics

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Ph-Electrode Blueline 14 pH Ids 285129140 SI Analytics
Ph-Electrode Blueline 14 pH Ids 285129140 SI Analytics
PART NO. 4AJ-6265620
List Price: €263.00

0...14 pH


Length 120mm

Glass bole

pH electrodes BlueLine, refillable
pH combination electrode with glass body, Ag/AgCl reference system. With fixed cable, length 1m (BlueLine 14 pH IDS 1.5m). BlueLine 11 pH and BlueLine13 pH with screw head (LB 1A or LB 1BNC cable combination please order separately).
Temperature range: -5 to 100°C
pH range: 0 to 14pH
Zero point: pH=7.0 ±0.3
Length: / diam.:
Blueline 13 pH: 120 / 12mm
170 / 12mm
Electrolyte: Liquid, KCl 3mol/l
Blueline 13 pH: Platinum
Ground joint
Membrane shape:
Blueline 13 pH: Conical
Membrane resistance at 25°C:
Blueline 13 pH: 250MW
Refill hole cover: Slide

Product Specification:
Product Type: BlueLine 14 pH IDS
Temperature sensor: NTC 30 kW
Connector: Digital plug

ManufacturerSI Analytics
Manufacturer P/n285129140
Temperature sensorNTC 30 kW
TypeBlueLine 14 pH IDS
ConnectorDigital plug
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