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Schott Flexible Light Guide 2-arms 155.205

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Schott Flexible Light Guide 2-arms 155.205
Schott Flexible Light Guide 2-arms 155.205
PART NO. 4AJ-9705169
Ships in approx.1 weeks
List Price: €300.00

M-PVC Ø 4.5mm / Length 1600mm

Cold light source, accessories, KL 300 LED / KL 1600 LED / KL 2500 LCD
Split ring illuminator, i.d. 58mm: For Leica M1-M7 microscopes. No adaptor required on Zeiss Stemi 1000 and 2000, SV6 and SV11. Required adapter is supplied directly by Zeiss. 6-point ring illuminator, i.d. 58mm and split light illuminator, i.d. 58mm: No adaptor required on Leica GZ6, M8, M10, M12 and MZAPO microscopes.
When using 6-point ring illuminator, i.d. 66mm and split light illuminator, i.d. 66mm Lens adapter I is required.

Product Specification:
Part Description: Flexible, fibre optic light guide, double, M-PVC sheathed, 4.5mm diam., length 1600mm

Manufacturer P/n155.205
VGKL RefVG652155205
VWR Ref631-0028
Description2-branch, M-PVC coated, diam. 4.5 mm, L 1600 mm
ForKL 1500 HAL, KL 1600 LED, KL 2500 LED
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Schott Cold Light Source KL 1600 LED 150.600
PART NO. 4AJ-9705206
List Price: €599.00

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