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Heidolph Heidolph Test Tube Shaker 5411000011 UK

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Heidolph Heidolph Test Tube Shaker 5411000011 UK
Heidolph Heidolph Test Tube Shaker 5411000011 UK
PART NO. 4AJ-9730041
List Price: €287.00

Test tube shaker REAX-Top-UK

with small attachment

***with english plug***

Test tube shakers Reax top / control

Ideal for mixing samples in Eppendorf tubes, vials and similar vessels of different diameters at extremely high speed rates. The ridged mixing orbit yields consistent results and is ideal for product dissolution.

Reax top - The standard model
-The strong 5mm vibration orbit yields the best results even with high viscosity media or solidsout of solution an quickly gives a smooth and even dispersion
-Switch to continuous mode, the unit performs a permanent vibration motion
-Switch to automatic mode, the unit will start once a vessel is pressed to the plate and will stop automatically once this pressure is released
-Fast and dependable mixing results due to high vibration frequency that rates up to 2500rpm
-Features an analog dial speed control, no settings of specified rpm numbers

Dimensions (W x H x D): 134 x 105 x 172mm
Voltage/frequency: 230 V/50 Hz (others also available)

Reax control - The accurate model
Includes all Reax top features, plus:

-Features analog dial speed control with accurate rpm numbers setting
-Improve your results by the electronic speed control that provides constant rpm output even at very low speed and under changing loads

Product Specification:
Product Type: Reax top, incl. attachment UK

Manufacturer P/n541-10000-11
Type of movementvibrating
Permitted relative humidity %80
Plug typeUK
Depth mm172
Shaking stroke / Shaking orbit mm5
TypeReax top
Width mm134
Protection classIP22
Height mm105
Weight kg2.8
Max. speed rpm2500
Min. permitted ambient temperature °C5
Max. permitted ambient temperature °C31
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