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Scientific Industries Disruptor Genie for 1.5/2.0ml Tubes SI-D278

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Scientific Industries Disruptor Genie for 1.5/2.0ml Tubes SI-D278
Scientific Industries Disruptor Genie for 1.5/2.0ml Tubes SI-D278
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230 V
swiss plug
Disruptor Genie®

Shakers, Disruptor Genie® analog / digital
For cell disruption and homogenisation. The patented Disruptor Genie® provides a multi-directional action, which simultaneously agitates and vortexes at high speed, dramatically increasing cell disruption or sample resuspension efficiency.

-For accurate, repeatable and reproducible results
-Dramatically increased sample disruption efficiency. Ideal for difficult glass bead procedures (Glass beads - please order separately), cell disruption/homogenisation of yeast, bacteria, plant and animal tissues and pellet resuspensions or anything that requires extremely violent, high-speed agitation.
-Patented multi-directional action simultaneously agitates and vortexes at high-speed producing greater yields in less time
-Hands-Free disruption of up to twelve 1.5ml or 2.0ml microtubes with timer from 0 to 15 minutes (Disruptor Genie® analog), 0 to 99 minutes (Disruptor Genie® digital) or continuous operation
-Performance comparable to expensive ultrasonic cell disruptors/homogenisers.
-Suitable for use in cold rooms or incubators
-Remove the microtube holder and attach the supplied pop-off cup for high-speed vortexing of single test tubes

Supplied with: Disruptor Genie, tube holder for 12 tubes, pop-off cup
Disruptor Genie® analog:
Disruptor Genie® digital:
1000 to 2850rpm
Dimensions (W x D x H): 122 x 165 x 190mm
Weight: 4.3kg
Supply requirements: 220V 50Hz, 250mA

Product Specification:
Product Type: Disruptor Genie® analog
Connector: CH

ManufacturerScientific Industries
Manufacturer P/nSI-D278
Alternative RefDISRUPTORG
TypeDisruptor Genie® analog
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Alternative Reference:DISRUPTORG
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