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B-Safety Hand-operated Eye Showers BR 712 025

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B-Safety Hand-operated Eye Showers BR 712 025
B-Safety Hand-operated Eye Showers BR 712 025
PART NO. 4AJ-9733786
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For wall and bench mounting
One Head Vertical

Hand-Held Drench Hoses
Two sprays in one. The hose can be used as a fixed eyewash when fitted into the mount. This allows the injured person to use both hands to hold open the eyes. The hose can also be removed from the mount so that other body parts and reclining patients can be treated.
-For wall and table mounting
-Wall-/ table mount included
-This drench hose meets EN 15154-2:2006 requirements
-DIN certification label included
-The spray heads ensure a wide distribution of water so that areas around the eyes are also covered and the exact positioning of the eyes is therefore not critical
-Large holes in the spray heads protect against limescale. The spray heads can be removed for cleaning purposes
-Rubber shrouds on the nozzles help prevent accidental injury
-Self-closing valve with squeeze lever operation
-Lightweight dust caps fall off automatically on operation
-Integral jet regulator keeps the water jet constant independent of the water pressure
-Built-in non-return valve prevents any backflow of contaminated water
Spray height: 250mm
Hose length: 1500mm
Connection: 1/2'' swivel nut
Water output: 7 litres/min per spray head, regulated
Inlet fitting: M 28 x 80mm.

Description 1 spray head, vertical
Connection ½ female

Manufacturer P/nBR 712 025
Description1 spray head, vertical
Connection½“ female
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