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Portavo 907 Multi Cond 907 MULTI COND Knick

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Portavo 907 Multi Cond 907 MULTI COND Knick
Portavo 907 Multi Cond 907 MULTI COND Knick
PART NO. 4AJ-9774717

pH-meter for measurement with analog conductivity sensors or digital Memosens-sensors

Multi meters Portavo 907 Multi
The only portable device for all Memosens parameters. Also for conventional analog sensors. The powerful Li-ion battery can be charged in the device via USB. The clear network diagram provides an at-a-glance view of the sensor condition.
The following logging types can be selected:
-Manual logging
-Time-controlled logging at a fixed interval
-Signal-controlled logging of measured value and temperature
-Combined time and signal-controlled logging
-Threshold-controlled logging with pre-trigger

The data logger for up to 10,000 entries records point of measurement, annotation, sensor ID, sensor serial number (Memosens), primary value, temperature, time stamp, and device status.

User-friendly software
Portavo 907 proves that a high level of functionality and easy use are not mutually exclusive. It proceeds step by step through the calibration procedure. Technical terms are clearly explained in the context-sensitive help.

-High-resolution color graphic display
-Transflective and sunlight readable
-Li-ion battery
-Micro USB port and Paraly SW 112 software
-A sensor quiver protects the sensor from damage and drying out
-The high-performance polymer housing ensures low water absorption and high impact resistance
-Intelligent data logger with 10,000 entries and graphical representation
-Memosens sensors and analog pH sensors can be used on one device (e.g. flat-membrane sensors)
-The mineral glass display is perfectly readable even after years
pH/mV input (analogue):
pH: -2 to 16 (<0.01)
mV: -1300 to 1300 (<1% meas. val.,<0.3mV/K)
Temperature input:
Temperature with NTC 30 k© -20 to +120°C (<0.2K)
Temperature with Pt 1000: -40 to +250°C (<0.2K)
Memosens input (ISFET):
pH: -2.000 to +16.000 (<0.01)
mV: -2000 to +2000 (<1% meas. val.,<0.3mV/K)
Temperature: -50 to +250°C (<0.2K)
Memosens input, Redox:
mV: -2000 to +2000 (<1% meas. val.,<0.3mV/K)
Temperature range: -50 to +250 °C (<0.2K)
Conductivity measuring range: 0.001µS/cm (c<0.05cm-1)
0.01µS/cm (c=0.05 to 0.2cm-1)
0.1µS/cm (c>0.2cm-1)
TDS: 0 to 1999mg/l
Salinity: 0.0 to 45.0g/kg
Resistivity: 00.00 to 99.99M© x cm
Concentration: 0.00 to 9.99 (w/w) %
Conductivity input (analogue):
Measuring range with
Sensor SE 202: 0.01 to 200 1/4S/cm
Sensor SE 204: 1 1/4S/cm to 500mS/cm
2-electrode sensors: 0.1 1/4 S x c to 200mS x c
4-electrode sensors: 0.1 1/4 S x c to 1000mS x c
Temperature input:
Measuring rangewith NTC 30 k©: -20 to +120°C
Measuring range with Pt 1000: -40 to +250°C
Conductivity input, Memosens:
Measuring range Sensor SE 215 MS: 10 1/4S/cm to 20mS/cm
Conductivity input:
Temperature compensation: linear 0 to 20%/K, ref. temp. adjustable
nLF: 0 to 120 °C
Memosens input, oxygen (optical):
Saturation: 0.000 to 1000.0%
Concentration: 000 1/4g/l to 100.00mg/l
Partial pressure: 0.0 to 2000mbar
Temperature measuring range: -20 to+150°C
Power supply: 4 x AA
Protection class acc. to DIN EN 60529: IP66/67 with pressure compensation

Product Specification:
Product Type: 907 Multi Cond
Description: one additional input for analogue conductivity mesurements

Manufacturer P/n907 MULTI COND
Descriptionone additional input for analogue conductivity mesurements
Type907 Multi Cond
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