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Bibby Scientific SPECTROPHOTOMETER 6300 VIS 630 501

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Bibby Scientific SPECTROPHOTOMETER 6300 VIS 630 501
Bibby Scientific SPECTROPHOTOMETER 6300 VIS 630 501
PART NO. 4AJ-9775412

Spectrophotometer Models 6300 VIS / 6305 UV-VIS
Models 6300 and 6305 are general purpose visible and UV/Visible range spectrophotometers which are suited to a wide range of applications in education and quality control.
-Simple operation
-Versatile sampling system
-G.L.P. compliant
-Full interfacing capability
-Simple keypad and operating protocols designed to enable reliable operation by unskilled operators
-LCD gives simultaneous readout of wavelength and photometric result
-Error messages, prompts, mode indication and a choice of concentration units are presented in an easily understood format
-Cuvette holder allow 10mm to 100mm cells

Supplied with: Mains lead, pack 100 disposable cuvettes, 10 x 10mm cell holder, PC Application Software on CD-ROM and operating instructions.

Various accessories e.g. sipper pump, cells, cell holders, cuvettes and lamps available on request.
Optical system:
Single beam
Range: 198 to 1000nm (6305)
320 to 1000nm (6300)
Resolution: 1nm
Accuracy: ±2nm
Bandwidth: 8nm, 6nm over UV range
Range: 0 to 199.9%
Resolution: 0.1%
Stray light: <0.5% at 340 & 220nm
Accuracy: ± 1%
Range: -0.300 to 1.999A
Resolution: 0.001A
Range: -300 to 1999
Resolution: 0.1/1
Units: ppm, mg/l, g/l, M, blank %
Outputs: analogue (0 to 1999mV d.c.)
RS232 serial port
Light Source: Xenon flash lamp module (6305)
Tungsten halogen (6300)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 365 x 272 x 160mm
Weight: 6kg
Supply requirements: 230V/50Hz

Product Specification:
Product Type: 6300 VIS

ManufacturerBibby Scientific
Manufacturer P/n630 501
VWR Ref634-0086
Type6300 VIS
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