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Hettich Benelux Suction Rack AR 58 8-Channel 800015600

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Hettich Benelux Suction Rack AR 58 8-Channel 800015600
Hettich Benelux Suction Rack AR 58 8-Channel 800015600
PART NO. 4AJ-9777187
Price: €58.00

Safety suction systems AA, AC and AZ series
The DITABIS Aspiration Systems are made for the controlled aspiration of liquids from typical lab containers like cuvettes, tubes, microplates, petri dishes or roller bottles. They are also suited for the disposal of liquid biological or chemical waste and filtration of liquids by means of filter systems.

-Membrane vacuum pump
-2L or 4L bottle incl. fast lock clutches, filter, ventilation insert and 3M silicone hose

Features AA series:
-Membrane vacuum pump turns on and off automatically
-AA 02/04 with 1 handle
-AA 24 with 4L bottle, 2 handles and Y connector
-Enlarge the automatic suction system by adding up to 4 working places and reduce your expenses for each user.

Features AC series:
-Membrane pump with manual switch-off
-2L or 4L bottle

Features AZ series:
-Small membrane vacuum pump
-2L or 4L bottle
-Bottle holder optional

Product Specification:
Product Type: AR 58
Description: Spare suction rake, 8-channel, autoclavable

ManufacturerHettich Benelux
Manufacturer P/n800015600
DescriptionSpare suction rake, 8-channel, autoclavable
TypeAR 58
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Safety suction systems

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