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A Kruss Optronic Digital Refractometer DR 6300-TF

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A Kruss Optronic Digital Refractometer DR 6300-TF
A Kruss Optronic Digital Refractometer DR 6300-TF
PART NO. 4AJ-9801105

Measuring range 1.3200-1.7000nD
0-95% Brix
With integrated peltier thermostat

Digital desk refractometers
The DR6000 refractometers work with hardly any service and are very quiet, good for long-term work in the lab. Very easy to operate due to an intuitive touch screen. Optional connections to printer, PC or network provide highest flexibility. High precision through integrated peltier thermostat (T-model). Flow measurement cells enable continuous measuring (F-model). The devices are used wherever a substance in watery solutions has to be measured.
Areas of usage: beverage, chemistry, pharma, food, paper, sewerage, textile, petrochemistry, cosmetics.
Interface: RS-232, USB, Ethernet
Temperature measurement: 5 to 90°C
Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.05°C (0.1°C T-models)
Measurement mode: Single, interval
Scales: 7 default, custom
Protection class: IP 65
Power supply: 90-260V, 56/60Hz, 60W

Product Specification:
Product Type: DR6300-TF
Measuring range: 1.32000-1.70000 nD 0-95 % Brix
Accuracy: 0.00002 nD 0.02 % Brix
Graduations: 0.00002 nD 0.01 % Brix

ManufacturerA Kruss Optronic
Manufacturer P/nDR 6300-TF
AccuracynD ±0.00002
±0.02 %Brix
ResolutionnD 0.00001
0.01 %Brix
Measuring rangenD 1.32000 ... 1.70000
0 ... 95 %Brix
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