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Heidolph VISCO JET Stirring System 60mmØ 5091606000

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Heidolph VISCO JET Stirring System 60mmØ 5091606000
Heidolph VISCO JET Stirring System 60mmØ 5091606000
PART NO. 4AJ-9816595
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Shaft Length 500mm

For Beaker 80-150mmØ

Stirring system that mixes low to high viscosity media using jet-vortices


The worldwide patent-pending Visco Jet® stirring system is based on the con

Impellers VISCO JET®
The all rounder for thick and thin
Worldwide the only impeller capable of completely mixing larger quantities of high-viscosity liquids and gels.

Principle of Functionality:
The worldwide patented VISCO JET® Mixing System is the result of the so-called cone-principle. Turbulent flows are created at the taper end by acceleration, displacement and retardation. These flows advance through the stirred medium and result in the new dynamic mixing motion.

Your advantages:
-One system for literally all mixing tasks for low to high viscosity media
-Patented cone-principle creates even at low speeds a turbulent flow which is unique to the VISCO JET®
-Even with high-viscosity media and gels which naturally do not mix by using common impellers you will observe an immediate flow through the entire beaker
-This technology allows for de-gassing of gels while preventing air intake and foaming
-Reduce your process times significantly while performing the best mixing result ever

Product Specification:
Material: V4A
For Vessels: 80-150mm
Diam Agitator Shaft: 10mm
Length: 500mm

Manufacturer P/n509-16060-00
VWR Ref441-0012
Ø agitator shaft mm10
Length mm500
For Vessels mm80-150
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Heidolph VISCO JET Stirring System 80mmØ 5091608000
PART NO. 4AJ-9816596
List Price: €481.31

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