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Rührwerk EUROSTAR 200 Control S 3 IKA 3992003

Rührwerk EUROSTAR 200 Control S 3 IKA 3992003

PART NO: 4AJ-9816720
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0/6 - 2.000 min-1 w/o accessories with Swiss plug

Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 200 digital / 200 control
Extremely powerful laboratory stirrer for highly viscous applications and intensive mixing for quantities up to 100l (H2O). It automatically adjusts the speed through microprocessor controlled technology within the speed range of 0/6 to 2000rpm (two speed ranges). Safety circuits installed ensures automatic cut-off in an anti-stall or overload conditions. Continuous comparison of shaft speed to desired speed is maintained and variations are adjusted automatically. This guarantees a constant speed even with changes in viscosities of the sample.

EUROSTAR 200 digital:
-Digital speed display
-Infinitely adjustable speed
-Push-through agitator shafts
-Overload protection
-Short-term overload operation
-Slim casing
-Quiet operation
-Error code display

EUROSTAR 200 control additionally:
-Multilingual TFT display
-Detachable remote control
-Programmable functions
-Integrated temperature measurement
-Interval operation
-Timer function
-Adjustable safety circuit
-Locked function
Stirring quantity max. (H2O): 100l
Max. viscosity: 100000mPas
Motor rating input/output: 130 / 84W
Speed range: 6 to 2000rpm
Speed range I (at 50/60 Hz): 6 to 400rpm
Speed range II (at 50/60 Hz): 30 to 2000rpm
Max. torque at stirring shaft: 200Ncm
Display 200 digital: LED
Display 200 control: TFT
Chuck range: 0.5 to 10mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 200 digital: 91 x 209 x 274mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 200 control: 91 x 231 x 274mm
Protection class DIN EN 60529: IP 40
Power supply: 230V, 50/60Hz
EUROSTAR 200 control only:
Temperature measurement: PT 1000
Temperature measuring range: -10 to +350°C

Product Specification:
Product Type: EUROSTAR 200 control S 3 CH

Catalogue Number9.816 720
Manufacturer P/n0003992003
Plug typeCH
TypeEUROSTAR 200 control S 3
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