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Shakers Orbital Type 3011 Rocking 3011 GFL

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Shakers Orbital Type 3011 Rocking 3011 GFL
Shakers Orbital Type 3011 Rocking 3011 GFL
PART NO. 4AJ-9837911

Rocking fRequency : 2 - 50Rpm

Without accessoRies

PlatfoRm : 450 x 450mm

Tumbling shakers 3011 and 3012
Housing made of high impact strength polystyrene, finished in off-white. The base plate is made of electrolytically galvanized, powder-coated sheet steel, the shaking platform of anodised aluminium, equipped with four plastic pins (models 3005 to 3018 and 3023) for secure attachment of accessory equipment (holds almost all shapes of vessels used in standard laboratory applications). Models 3019 / 3020: Shaking platform made of electrolytically galvanized, powder-coated sheet steel, equipped with four support rods with screw-type clamps made of stainless steel. Clearly laid out control panels for easy operation and an a.c. motor with overload protection drives the unit. Stepless, electronic speed control, with soft-start and quiet operation. Constant speed maintained during continuous operation, independent of load. Suitable for use in laboratories, incubation and controlled environment rooms at ambient temperatures between +10°C and +50°C. The devices are low-maintenance, have the German seal for proven Safety (GS) and the CE mark.

Analogue control models (1)
3005 / 3006 / 3011 / 3013 / 3015 / 3016 / 3019 / 3023.
Timer for operations up to 60min. and continuous operation.

Digital control models (2)
3012 / 3014 / 3017 / 3018 / 3020.
Microprocessor controlled, with interface RS232. Timer: 1 min. up to 99:59 h or continuous operation. Speed and remaining time indicated by two LCD readouts.

The following shaker types are available: Orbital shakers, reciprocating shakers, rocking shakers, tumbling shakers and overhead shakers. Please see the different motion types of the 3000 series shakers in the relevant chapters.
For gentle and uniform orbital rocking motion, quiet. Applications in AIDS research, for diagnostic tests with test plates or for growing cell cultures and microorganisms.
(3012 with RS 232 interface)
Type of movement: tumbling
Tumbling angle: 3°
Speed range: 2 to 50rpm
Max. Load: 15kg
Platform Dimensions (W x D): 450 x 450mm
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H): 510 x 625 x 168mm
Supply requirements:
3011: 230V 50/60Hz, 90W
3012: 230V 50 or 60 Hz, 90W*
Net/gross weight: 18kg / 22kg
3011: up to 60 min or continuous operation
3012: 1 min to 99:59 hours or continuous operation
Model 3012: microprocessor controlled; RS232 interface

Product Specification:
Product Type: 3011
Max. load: 15.0 kg

Manufacturer P/n3011
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