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GFL Overhead Shaker 3040

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GFL Overhead Shaker 3040
GFL Overhead Shaker 3040
PART NO. 4AJ-9837931

For max. 12 Bottles


Shaking Frequency : 1 - 20rpm

Rotating Shaker 3040
The specialist shaker with uniform rotating motion. Various applications, e.g. for precise sedimention, mixing and processing of soil samples (particularly well-suited for processing soil samples in glass/plastic wide mouth vessels up to 2000ml rated volume as per DIN 38414, Part 4 to German Standard Methods for Water, Wastewater and Sludge Analysis - Determination of Leachability by Water. Compact, low-wear drive mechanism. External housing is made of electrolytically galvanized, powder-coated sheet steel. Clearly laid out control panel for easy operation. With LED speed display. Holding device guarantees easy clamping of sample vessels on the shaking rack. Electronic, stepless speed control, constant speed during continuous operation. Rotating rack incorporates ball bearings on both sides, accommodating a max. of 12 flasks/vessels, round or rectangular, up to 110mm max. dia. and 270mm max. height, stacked in 4 levels, each level with 3 holding frames. Drive motion is achieved via a toothed belt and a sliding hub. With stainless steel clamping frame for safe securing of the sample vessels. For ambient temperatures from 10 to 40°C. Maintenance-free,
GS safety approval, CE marked.
Technical Specification
Motion: orbital rotating
Speed range: 1 to 20rpm
Speed control: Electronic, stepless
Speed display: Digital
Capacity: 12 bottles / vessels
Bottle height range: to max. 270mm height
Max. bottle dims.: 110mm, round or square
Drive: d.c. motor with overload protection
Dimensions (W x D x H): 770 x 700 x 715mm
Supply requirements: 230V 50/60Hz, 100W
Max. load: 20kg
Net/gross weight: approx. 62/78kg

Product Specification:
Product Type: 3040

Manufacturer P/n3040
Fisher Ref152110050
VWR Ref445-8100
Thermo Fisher:152110050
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