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C Gerhardt Clamping Roller 375mm 11-0028

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C Gerhardt Clamping Roller 375mm 11-0028
C Gerhardt Clamping Roller 375mm 11-0028
PART NO. 4AJ-9838626
Ships in approx.3 weeks
Price: €140.00

Accessories for shakers Laboshake LS500 and RO500
Universal attachments.
Easy mounting kits, comprising 2 mounting bars, which can be fitted using lever clamps at any height to the corner rods of the shaker. These mounting bars are themselves fitted with neoprene foam-coated clamping rollers for secure holding of a variety of vessel types. For special shaking requirements mounting bars can also be fitted transversely, or rollers fitted lengthwise.

Product Specification:
Part Description: US25 clamping rollers 375mm

ManufacturerC Gerhardt
Manufacturer P/n11-0028
VGKL RefVG522811025
Fisher Ref421600050
VWR Ref444-0170
Thermo Fisher:421600050
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