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C Gerhardt Finished Plate TB 52 11-0032

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C Gerhardt Finished Plate TB 52 11-0032
C Gerhardt Finished Plate TB 52 11-0032
PART NO. 4AJ-9838646
Price: €480.00

For 20 Flasks 200-300ml

Shakers, Laboshake LS5 and RO5, accessories
Platforms stainless steel gridded with 5mm holes spaced every 20mm. In the case of large shakers, the platforms slide into 2 guide rails also supplied which are then mounted onto the corner rods. The platforms are available as finished and universal versions. The finished platforms are fitted with pins and a network of V2A steel springs to hold erlenmeyer flasks as indicated. The universal platform holds accessory TK spring clips for erlenmeyer flasks (25 to 2000ml), HS separating funnel holders or HF bottle holders.

Product Specification:
Part Description: TB52 Finished platform attachment for 20 Erlenmeyer 200 - 300 ml

ManufacturerC Gerhardt
Manufacturer P/n11-0032
VGKL RefVG522811252
Fisher Ref408730250
VWR RefGERH11-0032
Thermo Fisher:408730250
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