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Certoclav Sterilizer Benchtop Autoclave Aluminium 8501312

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Certoclav Sterilizer Benchtop Autoclave Aluminium 8501312
Certoclav Sterilizer Benchtop Autoclave Aluminium 8501312
PART NO. 4AJ-9842013
Ships in approx.2 weeks
Price: €2,290.00

Heating power 1600-1750 W
CERTOCLAV CV-EL 12L Gs Cap. 12 ltrs
Diameter 240mm
Pressure up to2.7 Bar

CERTOCLAV-EL 12L / 18L tabletop autoclave
The CertoClav EL laboratory autoclave is ready to start after only a few moments thanks to its simple operation. Its versatility and compact construction make the CertoClav -EL laboratory autoclave almost indispensable for research, development and medical applications.

Control and operation
It would be difficult to imagine a workplace without a CertoClav EL after just a few days thanks to its single-button operation and its reliability. The thermostat and the 2-stage control valve ensure that operations and processes are precise. Culture media preparations, quality checks and autoclave processes can be carried out simply and quickly. The precision thermometer and precision pressure gauge with maximum indicator ensures faultless results for all applications. The sterilisations chamber is easy to open and close, simply turn the cover and remove.

For your safety
The CertoClav 4-fold safety system: the overpressure valve, the safety interlock preventing opening under pressure, the safety control valve and the overpressure safety opening enable operation without any hazards.

Including accessories
Stable instrument panel, with 3 feeds and minimum water level indicator

Standards and conformity marks
GS from TÜV Rheinland in accordance with EN 61010 - 1:2001, EN 61010 - 2:040:2005
Expert reports on microbiological and germicidal effectiveness
Operating temperature/pressure: maximum 3 bar = 43.5 psi
Stage 1: 125°C = 1.4 bar / 20.3 psi
Stage 2: 140°C = 2.7 bar / 39.1 psi
* Special valve: Stage 1: 115°C = 0.7 bar / 10.1 psi
Stage2: 121°C = 1.1 bar/ 15.9 psi
Heater: integrated in floor / not exposed
Water connection: no water connection necessary
Housing: Aluminium
Air evacuation: free steam flow process
Thermal output: 1900 W
Mains connection: 230 V ±10 % / 50 - 60 Hz.

Product Specification:
Product Type: EL 12L GS
Capacity: 12 Litres
Diam.: 240mm
Int. height: 260mm

Manufacturer P/n8501312
Alternative RefCERTOCLAV
Fisher Ref9842014
VWR Ref481-0076
Capacity l12
TypeEL 12
Weight kg6.2
Working Temp. range °C125 / 140
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Alternative Reference:CERTOCLAV
Thermo Fisher:9842014
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