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SHP Steriltechnik LABOKLAV LAV 25-M Liquid Standard 21.0025.001.001

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SHP Steriltechnik LABOKLAV LAV 25-M Liquid Standard 21.0025.001.001
SHP Steriltechnik LABOKLAV LAV 25-M Liquid Standard 21.0025.001.001
PART NO. 4AJ-9842441
Price: €8,190.00

25 Liter usable Volume Bench Top Unit
With integrated fast Liquid Air Cooling Function

Steam steriliser Laboklav 25
The compact and space saving table top units of the Laboklav 25 series provides you most applications of bigger table top units:
-sterilisation of liquids in open and lightly closed vessels, also with air re-cooling system
-sterilisation of instruments, also with pre-vacuum and drying vacuum
-waste sterilisation at 134°C
-optional exhaust air filtration system
-volume of chamber: 25l
-max. permissible pressure: 2.8bar
-sterilising temperature: 98°C to 138°C

A unique design meets innovative technical solutions:
-optimal use of chamber volume - sufficient for 5 x 1l standard bottle incl. cap
-lid made of temperature resistant safety glass and lid cover made of safety glass
-LED front lightning to visualise cycle progress
-motor driven and self-checking closing mechanism
-flexible temperature reference sensor PT100 as serial function
-Thermolocking device according to IEC 61010-2-40
Chamber volume/Chamber size 25L useable , Ø 265mm x 465mm
Chamber illumination by white LED light
Load: e.g. 5 x 1L bottle
up to 5kg instruments
Dimensions (W x D x H): 440mm x 540mm x 660mm
Space requirement on the table: 440mm x 550mm + 110 for door overhang
Weight: approx. 65kg
Max permissible pressure (PS): 2.8 bar
Max. permissible temperature (TS): 138°C
Chamber material: Stainless steel, chamber lid made from temperature proof safety glass
Housing: Powder coated, red; Front cover from transparent safety glass; Process illumination (LED) in Blue, Red and Green
Steam generation: Integrated steam generator with dry heating elements
Heating power:
Electrical connection: 2kW
230V ~ 50 Hz, 16A
Lid closing system: Motorized closing system
Sterilisation temperature: 98 to 135 °C, adjustable
Feed water supply: Integrated feed water tank with manual filling
Exhaust steam condensing: Included, discharge into integrated condensate tank
Thermo locking acc. to IEC 61010-2-43 (TRB 402): Integrated with flexible reference temperature sensor opening, temperature adjustable
Control: Micro processor with LCD Display; Code protected access to programming levels; Serial interface RS 485; Internal storage chip to store cycle data of approx. 150 cycles, visualisation and print out at a later stage is possible
Programms: Up to 10 programms, depending on the integrated option, all programmes can be individualized
Norms and regulations: Manufactured in Germany in full compliance with the relevant norms and regulations. Serial approval by German TUV, CE marking according Pressure Device Directive (Commissioned by factory service at an additional cost)

Product Specification:
Product Type: Laboklav 25 M
Description: with standard integrated rapid cooling system (air-cooling)

ManufacturerSHP Steriltechnik
Manufacturer P/n21.0025.001.001
Descriptionwith standard integrated rapid cooling system (air-cooling)
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