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Behr Extraction Unit EX1000 B00217637

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Behr Extraction Unit EX1000 B00217637
Behr Extraction Unit EX1000 B00217637
PART NO. 4AJ-9843800
List Price: €185.60

Extraction unit EX 1000
Determination of hydrocarbon EX 1000 extraction unit
The PFL sampling bottle is ideal for direct extraction in terms of ISO 9377-2. With its solid glass stopper, in addition it offers a decisive advantage in handling and safety.
The funnel separator facilitates the separation of the organic phase. The individual functional parts of the separator can be easily separated. The user can thus transfer the organic phase quickly and simply in one step to the clean-up column. In addition the individual functional parts are particularly easy to clean.

Product Specification:
Product Type: EX 1000
Description: Extraction unit

Manufacturer P/nB00217637
VWR RefBEHR804800202
DescriptionExtraction unit
TypeEX 1000
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