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Behr Glass Column GS 101 B00218537

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Behr Glass Column GS 101 B00218537
Behr Glass Column GS 101 B00218537
PART NO. 4AJ-9843928
Price: €230.90

90 x 500 x 5mm

Thread GL 100

behrotest® compact equipment for elution of solid matters
Percolation equipment to jointly examine the elution behaviour of inorganic and organic substances in solid matters. Including hose pump with 2 channels and 2 different pump tubes for a flow rate of 0.25-12 ml/min. and 0.66-33 ml/min. (Other pump tubes upon request).
Complete equipment, consisting of
-Percolation columns with pre-filters on sturdy stands
-Storage bottle with cap and tube
-Eluate lead made of PTFE
-Storage vessel made of glass, cap with ventilation tube

Product Specification:
Product Type: GS 101
Description: Glass column, 90 x 500 x 5mm, thread GL 100

Manufacturer P/nB00218537
DescriptionGlass column, 90 x 500 x 5 mm, thread GL 100
TypeGS 101
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