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Peter Huber Immersion Circulator CC-E 2000.0001.01

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Peter Huber Immersion Circulator CC-E 2000.0001.01
Peter Huber Immersion Circulator CC-E 2000.0001.01
PART NO. 4AJ-9859201

Temp.-range: (-30)+25..+200°C

2.0 KW

With controller Pilot ONE

Immersion circulators MPC®-E and CC®-E
The Huber circulators are split into two product lines, the Compatible Control models and the simpler MPC models. Both model lines represent classically constructed laboratory circulators with open baths. Baths and circulators for heating applications up to +300°C are available, as well as models for heating and cooling applications from -90°C to +200°C. Immersion or bridge circulators are suitable for thermal control of existing baths. The Ministat, the smallest cooling and heating circulator in the world, is the first choice for operation in fume-hoods or integrating into systems.

Circulators with Pilot ONE Controller
Models with Pilot ONE Controller convincing in practice with their highly precise temperature control and a professional range of functions even in the basic version. The electronic upgrade function *E-grade* allows a simple and low cost expansion of functions at any time. Operation is simple using large colour displays, an easily understandable menu and an individually customisable display. Models with the Pilot ONE have powerful pressure and suction pumps with continuously variable speed control for adjusting circulation to the bath in use. Further connections are available via the optional Com.G@te, e.g. RS232 and RS485, analogue interface 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V, standby signal and programmable alarm.

Circulators using the MPC Controller
The functions of models with the low price MPC controller concentrate on the essentials. MPC models are suitable for numerous typical laboratory applications, such as temperature control of samples, analysis, materials testing, as well as the external temperature control of test equipment or experimental constructions. The machine achieves a temperature stability of +/- 0.05°C and are fitted with an over temperature and low fluid level protection. The safety systems are according to class III/FL (DIN 12876) for use with flammable fluids. All MPC machines are also available as *plus* versions with RS232 interface.

Advantages and Functions (model dependent):
-Working Temperatures from -90°C to +300°C
-Models for internal and external temperature control
-High heating and cooling powers up to 7kW
-Powerful controllable circulation pumps
-Function expansion with the E-grade system is available at any time
-High precision cascade temperature control
-Large and full colour 5.7inch TFT touchscreen
-Programmer with calendar / clock function
-Extended range of languages including a selection of European and Asian
-Comprehensive warning and safety functions
Immersion circulators are the basis of many combinations of polycarbonate and stainless steel baths. Together with a cooling bath it is possible to get exact and reproducable temperatures down to -30 °C.
Temp. control range °C: (-30) 25 to 200°C
Safety class: FL, III
Heating capacity kW: 2kW
suction max. (CC®-E): 25L/min / 0.4bar
suction max. (CC®-E xd): 15L/min / 0.25bar
suction max. (MPC®-E): 17L/min / 0.18bar
Immersion depth
(CC®-E, MPC®-E): 150mm
(CC®-E xd): 195mm

Product Specification:
Product Type: CC®-E
Temp. Stability: 0.01* K

Dimensions (W x D x H): 132 x 159 x 315mm

ManufacturerPeter Huber
Manufacturer P/n2000.0023.01
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm132 x 159 x 315
Pump max. l/min / bar27 / 0.7
Temp. Stability K0.01*
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