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Peter Huber Refrig / Heat Bath Circulator CC-410wl 2019.0001.01

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Peter Huber Refrig / Heat Bath Circulator CC-410wl 2019.0001.01
Peter Huber Refrig / Heat Bath Circulator CC-410wl 2019.0001.01
PART NO. 4AJ-9859243

Refrigerated Heating Bath Circulator

Temp.-range: -45...200°C

3 kW

With controller Pilot ONE

Refrigeration Bath Circulators to -45 °C
HUBER refrigerated bath circulators perform safe and repeatable heating and cooling tasks in the lab. 22 models covering the range -90 to 200 °C with a selection of heating and cooling powers are available with air or water cooling (w). Natural refrigerants for environmentally friendly operation are available on request. A powerful variable speed pressure/suction pump allows the thermoregulation of objects directly in the bath or can be used to control external applications. The pump speed is stepless and when used in combination with an optional pressure sensor the maximum pressure can be controlled. VPC (Variable Pressure Control) ensures the best circulation and protects delicate glass apparatus from breakage caused by overpressure.
Small volume and high heating and cooling powers result in the shortest heating and cooling rates. Optional displacement inserts reduce the bath volume by half increasing this effect. Additionally the bath surface area is reduced, lowering moisture absorption. The optional calibration insert allows all HUBER refrigeration circulators to be used as calibration baths. The calibration insert ensures an even temperature distribution with a temperature stability of ±0.01K. All models have Active Cooling Control for cooling power control at the maximum working temperature and an automatic cooling power regulation for energy saving operation and reduced heat dissipation into the lab. Depending on the model carry handles or castors are fitted for easy transportation. The drain is located on the front of the unit to enable simple drainage of the bath. The cover plate is thermoregulated to avoid condensation. All models have the Pilot ONE with Plug & Play technology which can be simply swapped in the event of a service. The Pilot ONE can be used as a remote control (with data cable). The Pilot ONE is a high tech microprocessor based controller with a high precision measurement system for exact and reproducible results. The wide ranging functionality is supported by a large TFT display and simple operation. HUBER refrigeration circulators can be equipped with a Com.G@te to the NAMUR standard to enable integration in a process control system. Depending on the bath dimensions objects can be thermoregulated within the bath. Typical applications for these classics are the thermoregulation of externally closed systems, e.g. photometer, refractometer, viscosimeter, double-jacketed reactors and autoclaves. They are used in miniplants, kilo labs, for stock point measurement, for low temperature calibration, for petroleum tests and many more applications.

Option: Natural refrigerant available on request
Pump data
Max. pressure: 33L/min / 0.7bar
Max. suction: 22L/min / 0.4bar
Temp. stability acc. to DIN 12876: 0.02K

Product Specification:
Product Type: CC®-410wl
Working Temp. range: -45 ... +200 °C
Bath capacity: 22 /8.5* L
Bath tank depth: 200 mm
Heating power: 3000 W
Cooling capacity KW at 100/20/0/-20/-30/-40°C: 0.8 / 0.8 / 0.8 / 0.5 / 0.15 / 0.1

ManufacturerPeter Huber
Manufacturer P/n2019.0001.01
Heating capacity W3000
Bath capacity L22 / 8.5*
Bath tank depth mm200
Cooling capacity KW at 100/20/0/-20/-30/-40°C0.8 / 0.8 / 0.8 / 0.5 / 0.15 / 0.1
Working Temp. range °C-45 ... 200
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