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Xylem Analytics Germany (SI) TitroLine® TL 7800-M1 285220990

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Xylem Analytics Germany (SI) TitroLine® TL 7800-M1 285220990
Xylem Analytics Germany (SI) TitroLine® TL 7800-M1 285220990
PART NO. 4AJ-9863169

TitroLine® TL 7800-M1 base unit, two measuring inlets (1x analog/ 1x digital), with magnetic stirrer TM 235

Titrators TitroLine® 7800
The TitroLine® 7800 is the new all-rounder for potentiometric titration with an additional digital measuring input. That enable for example the connection and use of pH and conductivity sensors at the same time. An additional external conductometer is not required anymore. The TitroLine® 7800 can also be used as volumetric KF titrator.

The TitroLine® 7800 is to be characterized by following features:
-High visible full colour display, that can be easily viewed from a distance and extreme angles
-With intelligent interchangeable modules and storage of all relevant reagent data
-Includes two USB-A, one USB-B, two RS-232 and one LAN port for expansion and connection of devices such as keyboard, printer, barcode reader, memory sticks, balances, PC an further SI Analytics devices
-Storage of results via USB port (PDF and CSV -format) including method transfer
-With one analogue and one digital measuring input. The digital input allows the connection of digital (IDS) pH and conductivity sensors.
-With standard methods for potentiometric and KF titration

Supplied with: Basic unit with or without magnetic stirrer, with stand rod TZ 1510, titration clamp Z 305, keyboard TZ 3835 and power supply 100-240 V

Product Specification:
Product Type: TL 7800-M1 (with magnetic stirrer)

ManufacturerXylem Analytics Germany (SI)
Manufacturer P/n285220990
Alternative RefTL7800M1
TypeTL 7800-M1 (with magnetic stirrer)
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Alternative Reference:TL7800M1
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