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Memmert Memmert Works Calibration Certificate D00123

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Memmert Memmert Works Calibration Certificate D00123
Memmert Memmert Works Calibration Certificate D00123
PART NO. 4AJ-9867696
Price: €296.40

For 1 temperature : 37°C For WNB
Or For 1 temperature : 160°C For ONE

Accessories for all Memmert Water baths and Oil baths
Stainless steel flat cover with openings and ring sets. Stainless steel gabled cover.

Shaking device:
Shaking device including support frame (for racks or support basket with perforated mounting shelf) for use in water baths, shaking speed 35-160 strokes per minute (horizontal back/forth movement) requires special gabled cover

Peltier Cooling Device CDP115
For precise operation with temperatures starting from +10°C. The temperature is controlled via the electronic controller of the waterbath with a precision of ±0.1 K
Easy fitting to bath by snap-on-technology, suitable for all tank sizes.
Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz or 115 V, 60 Hz (please state in case of order)
Effective cooling capacity: 115W
Pumping capacity of circulation pump for coolant: 600ml/min.

Product Specification:
Part Description: Factory calibration certificate at 37°C for WNE / WPE; at 160°C for ONE models

Manufacturer P/nD00123
TypeFactory calibration certificate at 37°C
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