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Memmert Execution 40mm Diam Back F7 40 MM

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Memmert Execution 40mm Diam Back F7 40 MM
Memmert Execution 40mm Diam Back F7 40 MM
PART NO. 4AJ-9867750
List Price: €328.00

40mm Ø
For ICP, HPP, ICH, Incomed, HCP, Unpa

Accessories for CO2 Incubators INCOmed
Comfort module:
two gas connections with quick release connectors, automatic switch-over gas cylinders (impossible in combination with O2 module)
Hygiene module:
electropolished interior, seamlessly welded by laser
Communication module:
USB interface, *Celsius* standard software for the control and logging of temperature, CO2; O2 (with O2 module) and relative humidity; internal log memory 1024 kB as ring memory for all setpoint values, actual values, errors, settings with real time and date: logging approx. 3 months at 1 min. logging interval; parallel printer interface for all PCL3-compatible printers
CO2 module:
extended CO2 range from 0 to 20%
Premium module:
includes Comfort, Hygiene, Communication and CO2 module (impossible in combination with O2 module)
Humidity module:
active microprocessor control for humidifying and dehumidifying (40 - 97% rh), incl. digital indication and auto-diagnostic system; humidity supply with distilled water (from an external tank) , dehumidifying via sterile filter; (standard humidity limit control and water dishes are omitted)
O2 module:
control of oxygen concentration by N2 inlet, adjustment range 1% bis 20% O2, setting accuracy 0.1%

Combination O2 module with Comfort and Premium module impossible

Product Specification:
Part Type: F7
Description: Entry port in the rear, heated, with silicone stopper, 40mm inner diameter

Manufacturer P/nF7 40 MM
DescriptionEntry port in the rear, heated, with silicone stopper, 40 mm inner diameter
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