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KNF LABOXACT Vacuum System SEM 842 SEM 842

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KNF LABOXACT Vacuum System SEM 842 SEM 842
KNF LABOXACT Vacuum System SEM 842 SEM 842
PART NO. 4AJ-9880552

LABOXACT® Vacuum System SEM 842
Manual regulation
For rotary evaporator
Flow rate 34 (l/min)
Chemically resistant

Vacuum system LABOXACT®, chemical-resistant
Rotary evaporation processes can be reliably monitored using the LABOXACT® vacuum system. A closed system arrangement enables gentle distillation and high recovery rates, even with low-boiling solvents.

-gentle distillation, due to closed system
-stepless, fine-adjustment valve for precise vacuum regulation
-careful control of evaporation
-very economical
-environmentally friendly

Items supplied:
LABOXACT® vacuum systems are ready-to-use. With chemically resistant membrane vacuum pump, separator, condenser, fine-adjustment valve, digital vacuum meter, safety vent valve, switch and cable. Supply requirements: 230V 50Hz (other voltages and frequencies are available on request).

Product Specification:
Product Type: SEM 842
Flow rate: 34 L / min.
Ultimate vacuum: 2 mbar (abs).

Manufacturer P/nSEM 842
Fisher Ref3342251
VWR Ref189-0027
Thermo Fisher:3342251
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