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KNF Vacuum Pumps System SC 842 SC 842

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KNF Vacuum Pumps System SC 842 SC 842
KNF Vacuum Pumps System SC 842 SC 842
PART NO. 4AJ-9880639

Cap. 34 ltrs/min

Modular vacuum system KNF LABOPORT®
All LABOPORT® pumps can be fitted with separators, high-performance condensers and vacuum controllers to create customised systems. If a larger diaphragm pump is used for two different processes simultaneously for economic reasons, then a second vacuum controller is required. The control unit always switches the pump off when the desired vacuum has been achieved, even if two receivers are used. This reduces the noise level and increases operational life. Supply requirements: 230V / 50Hz.

Module / configuration:

1. Baseplate.
The separator and all other modules are mounted together with the pump on the baseplate to form the LABOPORT® vacuum system

2. Separator.
Additional, implosion-proof NR 800 module can be integrated on the inlet or outlet side.
Solvent droplets contained in the vapour at the outlet are separated to prevent them from being released into the surrounding air. On the inlet side the separator traps any particles contained in the system.

3. High-performance condenser.
For efficient condensation of solvents contained in the vapour. Connected to the pump at the outlet enabling controlled solvent recovery, saving valuable resources and protecting the environment.

4. / 5. Vacuum controller.
For precise and accurate attainment of the required vacuum after the set point has been entered. A highly accurate, piezo-ceramic measuring cell monitors the process and is resistant to all aggressive media.

Product Specification:
Product Type: LABOPORT® SC 842
Flow rate: 34 L / min.
Ultimate vacuum: 2 mbar (abs).
Pump: N 842.3 FT.18 Model
Module no.: 1 2 3 4

Manufacturer P/nSC 842
Fisher Ref3990681
VWR Ref181-3424
Thermo Fisher:3990681
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