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Vacuubrand Chemistry Diaphragm Pump MZ 4C NT 736401

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Vacuubrand Chemistry Diaphragm Pump MZ 4C NT 736401
Vacuubrand Chemistry Diaphragm Pump MZ 4C NT 736401
PART NO. 4AJ-9880901


230 V~ 50 Hz

Plug CH

Diaphragm vacuum pumps -NT Series, Chemistry design

-improved performance, increased pumping speed and lower ultimate vacuum extend applications in both the laboratory and in industrial applications
-long-life diaphragm with PTFE sandwich construction and unstressed diaphragm support
-easy service/exchange of diaphragm or valves due to novel integrated valve head assembly. Easy dismantling, cleaning and reassembly without requiring readjustment
-whisper quiet and ultra low vibration due to compact drive with patented motor control system. Ideal as a built-in component for sensitive equipment in both the laboratory and in industry
-superior vapour tolerance due to integral tubing connections and gas ballast valve for continuous purge (at ME 16C NT, MZ 2C NT, MD 4C / 12C NT and MV 10C NT).
-easy to clean due to smooth exterior surfaces

Vacuum inlet: 10mm tubing nozzle
Pressure outlet: 10mm tubing nozzle

Product Specification:
Product Type: MD 4C NT
Connector: CH
Number of steps: 3
Flow rate: (50/60Hz) 56.70 / 63.30 L / min.
Ultimate vacuum: 1,5** mbar (abs).
Dimensions (W x D x H): 243 x 325 x 198mm

Manufacturer P/n20736401
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm243 x 325 x 198
max. discharge flow m³ / hr.3.4 / 3.8
Ultimate vacuum without / with gas ballast mbar (abs.)1.5 / 3
Number of steps3
TypeMD 4C NT
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