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KGW Vacuum Pump Trolley CP 2 1708

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KGW Vacuum Pump Trolley CP 2 1708
KGW Vacuum Pump Trolley CP 2 1708
PART NO. 4AJ-9881381

Without pressure gange

Vacuum pump trolley, CP1 - CP2
Vacuum pump trolley with two condensate traps that can be operated alternately or together. The pump trolley consists of an aluminium frame mounted on lockable castors with a lower PE-shelf for a vacuum pump and a PE-top shelf which accommodates two cold traps. The condensate traps can each hold approx. 150ml. Spherical ground joints are sealed with FEP covered O-rings. Supplied without pump.
The standard assembly is designed for use with LN2 as coolant. When using CO2 and acetone please order 2 x CO2 grid (Cat. No. 9.032 081).

Product Specification:
Product Type: Without pressure gauge

Manufacturer P/n1708
Fisher Ref17080
TypeWithout pressure gauge
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Vacuum pump trolley

Thermo Fisher:17080
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