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Behr Water Deioniser B10dN B00223469

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Behr Water Deioniser B10dN B00223469
Behr Water Deioniser B10dN B00223469
PART NO. 4AJ-9882120
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For steady loads up to 8 bar

Deionisers, pressure-resistant, behropur®
Compact and secure mixed bed deionisers for small to medium-sized volumes of ultra pure water. Ideal for feeding laboratory washing machines, general requirements in the laboratory, low level consumption in industry and for post-treatment desalination of the output from reverse osmosis systems.

-Optimal utilisation of the deioniser due to totally uniform water distribution in the resin chamber.
-Can be connected directly to the raw water mains without a pressure reducer.
-Back pressure resistant.
-Also available with water quality cut-out and solenoid valve, which engages if specified limits are exceeded, and reservoir level control.
-Resistivity control available directly on the unit or remotely at any location.
Performance data:
ModelB10dN / B22dN / B45dN
Cation exchange capacity at 10°dH: 1200 L / 2400 L / 5500 L
Flow max.: 300 / 500 / 800 L/hr
Dia.: 21 / 21 / 26 cm
Height incl. LF: 68 / 112 / 125 cm
Height, cartridge only: 55 / 98 / 110 cm

Product Specification:
Product Type: B10dN
Description: Pressure-resistant mixed bed unit, with resistivity meter

Manufacturer P/nB00223469
VWR RefBEHR934830011
DescriptionPressure-resistant mixed bed unit, with resistivity meter
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