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Xylem - WTW 2-Channel Thermometer TFN 530-SMP 1340-5532

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Xylem - WTW 2-Channel Thermometer TFN 530-SMP 1340-5532
Xylem - WTW 2-Channel Thermometer TFN 530-SMP 1340-5532
PART NO. 4AJ-9908063
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Price: €260.00

(sensor Connection SMP) IP 40

Thermometers TFN-Series
1- or 2-Channel thermometers for use with thermocouples (Type K, J, T, E)
TFN 520 / TFN 520-SMP / TFN 530 / TFN 530-SMP

Heating / Air-conditioning, ventilation / Air, gases, fluids / Surface temperature / Plastic materials / Laboratories

-Robust and impact resistant
-Min / Max, Hold facility
-°C/°F selectable
-Battery charge status indicator
-Changeable battery
-Factory calibration certificate
Measuring range Type K -200 to +1200°C
Measuring range Type J -100 to +800°C
Measuring range Type T -100 to +300°C
Measuring range Type E -100 to +600°C
Accuracy at +25°C, Type K ±0.3°C (-100 to +250°C)
Accuracy at +25°C, Type J ±0.3°C (-50 to +190°C)
Accuracy at +25°C, Type T ±0.3°C (-50 to +220°C)
Accuracy at +25°C, Type E ±0.3°C (-50 to +150°C)
±0.5 % for remaining range
Resolution Type K 0.1°C (-99.9 to +250°C)
Resolution Type J 0.1°C (-99.9 to +190°C)
Resolution Type T 0.1°C (-99.9 to +220°C)
Resolution Type E 0.1°C (-99.9 to +150°C )
1°C for remaining range
Protection class: IP 52 (TFN 520 / TFN 530); IP 40 (TFN 520-SMP / TFN 530-SMP)
Dimensions: 115 x 54 x 22mm
Housing: ABS
Weight: approx. 90g
Sensor: external; thermocouple Type K, J, T, E
Sensor connection: LEMO (TFN 520 / TFN 530); SMP (TFN 520-SMP / TFN 530-SMP)
Number of channels: 1 (TFN 520 / TFN 520-SMP); 2 (TFN 530 / TFN 530-SMP)
Battery: Lithium, 3 V; battery life approx. 5 years
Measuring rate: 0.5 to 15 secs.

Product Specification:
Product Type: TFN 530-SMP
Description: 2-Channel Thermometer (SMP Connection)

ManufacturerXylem - WTW
Manufacturer P/n1340-5532
VWR Ref620-1392
Description2-Channel Thermometer (SMP Connection)
TypeTFN 530-SMP
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